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ACTIVE FX Fractional CO2 Laser

The Active FX fractional CO2 resurfacing laser has been available since 2008.  In that time, we have treated over 200 clients who have uniformly looked 5-10 years younger after their treatment.

This laser is unsurpassed in its ability to remove age spots, fine lines and wrinkles and tighten skin laxity of eyelids and neck.  It is also very effective at repairing surface scars due to acne or trauma.

Most people need only one treatment to accomplish their goal of younger-looking skin.  Face, neck, decollete and even hands can be treated to bring back a more youthful appearance by removing unsightly brown spots, sagging eyelids and upper lip wrinkles.  In just 5 days, your old, prematurely aged skin sheds to reveal the new, fresh younger skin which has replaced it.

Treatment time is only 10 minutes and the process is very comfortable with just topical anesthetic cream and Valium for relaxation.

Afterwards, frequent cleansing and application of topical Vitamin C serum stimulates healing of the new skin underneath in less than a week.

Scarring or hypopigmentation do not occur with this safe and effective laser because of the fractional technology which preserves normal pigment cells and speeds healing.

Combined with AccuLift laser lipo of neck and jowls and dermal fillers such as Radiesse, these two lasers have made most surgical facelifts unnecessary.


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