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Too many men on-the-go dispense with breakfast.  The reason: they aren't hungry or they're too busy.  Studies have shown that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because your brain hasn't received any glucose during the night. So how do you expect to function at your best with partially starved brain cells?  What you consume is equally important: eating a breakfast of bacon and eggs will keep you from being hungry much longer than granola and yogurt.  In just a week of eating a daily breakfast of animal protein and fats, your appetite will resume and you will look forward to breakfast.

In today's society, many people skip breakfast and lunch, getting by on coffee or diet colas until dinnertime.  This explains why so many are hypoglycemic.  Hypoglycemia has protean manifestations: everything from heartburn to anxiety, depression, or asthma. To correct hypoglycemia, meals should be primarily animal protein and fat with small amounts of fresh organic vegetables and fruits in season.  If symptoms are severe, wholesome snacks between meals, like a chicken drumstick, should be consumed.  Many people these days are concerned that eating too much fat will contribute to cardiovascular disease.  A simple blood test: the triglyceride to HDL ratio will help you decide whether the diet you're currently eating is healthy or not.  If this ratio is greater than 2, your risk of cardiovascular disease is high.  If so, begin the Atkin's diet, limiting all carbs, and recheck the ratio in one month. Physicians who specialize in treating hypoglycemia should be consulted if dietary interventions are not successful by 3 months.