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Alternative Treatments for Eczema

Many people develop allergic rashes on their skin and the cause is never identified through patch testing.  Many times a sensitivity to food is the cause.   For an acute flare of allergic eczema, a one to two week course of treatment with a topical cortisone-containing cream is quick and effective.  However, if the rash tends to recur frequently or is chronic, long term use of topical cortisone creams can cause skin atrophy and other medical problems.  

Several forms of alternative treatments have been effective for resolution of these stubborn cases.

  • NAET is a form of acupressure and food allergy desensitization practiced by nurses and chiropractors with special training in this therapy.  A series of sessions aimed at identification of allergy-causing foods and desensitization of the patient are carried out without skin or patch testing or elimination of the food from the diet.  For an NAET practitioner, click here.
  • Homeopathy is a gentle treatment with herbal remedies that can sometimes clear allergies and other disease conditions.  A specialist with training in classical homeopathy is able to determine from a careful history which remedy will be most effective.
  • Diet therapy, especially avoidance of carbohydrate containing foods, relying on meats, fish, natural fats and fresh, local, seasonal fruits, can also improve allergies by decreasing hypoglycemia which can manifest as skin conditions, as well as a host of other medical problems.   The book, Body, Mind, and Sugar explains this connection.

Learn the Most Common Chemicals which Cause Skin Allergies:

Most Common Chemicals Which Cause Skin Allergy :

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