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Treating Nail Fungus

You don't have to suffer with embarrassing fungal infections of the nails.  The Noveon Nailaser is an effective laser treatment not requiring oral antifungal medications in most cases. 

The FDA approved Noveon laser is safe and effective with just three to four treatments.

Fungus infections are caused by a mold.  Just as bread will mold if kept warm and moist, nails can develop mold in a similar manner.  Toenails are the most vulnerable to fungal infection because shoes and socks trap moisture that promotes the growth of fungi. Copper or silver ion socks contain metallic ions that help inhibit the growth of fungi.

Most antifungal medications applied directly onto the nail (topical) are not every effective because they cannot penetrate the hard nail in sufficient concentration to kill the fungi.  These medications are effective in keeping the organism from growing on soft tissue and in shoes and should be used while undergoing Noveon laser treatment.

There are additional measures that can be done to decrease the likelihood of a recurrent infection after Noveon Nailaser treatment.

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